Air shower equipment purification engineering HVAC design

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With the improvement of popularity, more and more projects are accepted in the food industry. Through the perfect combination of HVAC design and the food industry, the HVAC design system in the food industry is constantly explored and perfected, and the professionalism of the design team is improved in terms of breadth and depth.

Air shower equipment purification engineering HVAC design

In the HVAC design of the food industry, the installation design of the air shower room is essential, compared with the requirements of chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries for purification, the requirements of the light industry for purification are lagging behind. Around 2000, China's food industry has introduced the concept of purification, but it is still only for export food. The designers of this ban have deep concerns about domestic food, but they did not stop complaining, but through the efforts of the designer team, to create a good industry atmosphere and pass on the correct purification concept to customers. The first is the purification of the production link, followed by the purification of the flow of people and logistics, and also the need to control the temperature of the food production link.

The second joint point of the food industry and HVAC design is freezing, which contains three links, one is the storage of raw materials, some vegetables, meat and seafood and other raw materials, according to the different types of raw materials, the temperature differentiation of the raw material warehouse; Second, the intermediate link food needs to be quick-frozen, in order to avoid food deterioration, through the quick-freezing room and quick-freezing machine to freeze the food at minus 35℃; The third is to send the food into the cold storage for refrigeration.

The boiler used in the cooking and blanching process of food, the air compressor used in the production process, the cooling system for the heat generated in the food fermentation process, in addition to the nitrogen production process of canned beer, and the oxygen production of related projects, but all the projects related to cold, heat and gas in the food industry are inextricably linked to the HVAC design. Because of this, HVAC design is particularly important, and it is more difficult than project design in other industries. Hvac designers must be proficient in the entire process of food production and manufacturing, in order to effectively combine theoretical knowledge, HVAC design more suitable for food projects. The designers in Wuxi rely on their thorough knowledge of the entire food manufacturing process and properly apply the HVAC design in the entire project, making the project design a victory and winning the praise of customers and the industry.