Detection of air temperature and relative humidity in clean room
Detection of air temperature and relative humidity in clean room 2020-05-22
The difference between biosafety cabinet, ventilation cabinet and super clean bench
Drugs are special commodities, which affect people's health. In the process of pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical enterprises need to prevent particle and microbe pollution and cross pollution in the air. Among them, biosafety cabinet, ventilation cabinet, ultra clean workbench, etc. are all equipment produced to meet the high cleanliness production environment, and their stable operation is an important guarantee for pharmaceutical enterprises to clean production. So, what's the differen 2020-05-22
Clean room construction verification process
As the installation interface of clean utility engineering, clean process pipeline, production equipment, clean furniture, fire control system, electrical system, clean floor and clean elevator, clean room plays the role of connecting the two parts in the project. Therefore, in the design and construction of clean room, there is usually a close coordination of the construction sequence with other majors. 2020-05-09
What is the 100,000-level industrial clean room standard?
The cleanness level of industrial clean room is in fact that the value is smaller, the higher the purification level is, the higher the cleanliness is and the higher the cost is. One hundred thousand level industrial clean room is to point to the clean workshop that air clean degree is one hundred thousand level, namely the particle that every cubic meter controls inside the workshop is in 10 w less than, food workshop should reach 100 thousand level. 2020-05-03
Dust-free workshop purification program
In order to concentrate purification air conditioning system, in the whole room to create the same degree of industrial cleanliness environment purification treatment, called the whole room purification. This was one of the earliest forms of industrial clean room technology and is still used today. This kind of way suits to craft equipment tall, the quantity is a lot of, and indoor requirement is same the place of industrial clean degree. However, this approach is characterized by large investme 2020-05-03