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Hurricane Purification Technology Equipment company is engaged in design,production,installation,and testing of 100-level to 30-level air conditioner cleanroom purifying engineering in medicine,food,electronics,biochemical industry,and other industries


The company has large-scale shearing,folding,puching and other processing equopment,excellent manufacturing technology,in the domestic and foreign markets enjoy a high reputation.
Founded in August 2003, Wuxi Hurricane Purification Technology Equipment Co,Ltd一is located at Wuxi Yanqiao Industrial Park and belongs to the private sole proprietorship. Hurricane Purification Technology Equipment company is engaged in design, production, installation, and testing of class 100-level to class 300000-level cleanlinesscleanroom purifying engineering in medicine, food, electronics, bio chemical industry, and other industries; the company is also engaged in processing and manufacturing high-efficient filter, cleanroom work bench for single and double persons, air shower(room), class 100-level laminar hood, pass through chamber/box, cleanroom color plate and other cleanroom equipment for over ten years. View more
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16 years of professional industry experience


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Construction requirements of clean worktable in dust-free workshop

2022.01.20 Clean bench is one kind of provide local work environment clean, sterile air purification equipment, and the workspace has polluted air filter through specialized channel artificially controlling emissions, avoid the harm to people and environment, special clean bench is a safe means of microorganism, also can be widely used in biological laboratory, medical and health, biological

What is a purification workshop

2022.01.14 Purification workshop is also called dust-free workshop, clean room, clean room; Refers to the certain space within the scale of the air particles, harmful gases, bacteria and other dirt cleaning, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure

Share matters needing attention in clean workshop construction

2022.01.05 Matters needing attention in the construction of clean workshop, what should be paid attention to in the construction of clean workshop? What should be paid attention to in the construction of clean workshop? What should be paid attention to in the construction of clean workshop? Next by xiaobian to explain to you

Purification workshop system engineering construction includes what items

2022.01.05 New purification workshop of friends might be in purification engineering system don't understand, don't know what are the main purification engineering system, system composition, here small make up for everybody simple introduction clean engineering (purification engineering) system under the main part of this article is introduced, the understanding of friends of purification engineering help

What rules should be considered in appearance inspection of dust-free workshop

2021.12.28 What rules should be considered in appearance inspection of dust-free workshop:All kinds of pipes, automatic fire extinguishing equipment, air conditioning purification machinery equipment (central air conditioning, centrifugal fan, clean refrigeration unit, hePA filter (function: filter residue, etc.) Stainless steel shower room, etc.) The installation should be appropriate

Dust-free workshop air supply scheme

2021.12.28 Ordinary air conditioning air supply can be divided into centralized and local two types. In addition, the purification system needs coarse effect, medium effect and high efficiency filter, combined with the dual requirements of air conditioning and purification

What are the standards for GMP purification workshop

2021.12.20 GMP purification workshop is to eliminate potential biological activity, dust, pollution, fundamentally eliminate the impact of the production of high-quality substances. Therefore, GMP purification workshops must follow the relevant design requirements to ensure that the quality of the final product meets the regulatory requirements

Industrial clean room

2021.12.06 Industrial clean room is controlled by inanimate particles, and its internal pressure is generally maintained. Suitable for precision industry (such as precision bearings, etc.), electronic industry (such as large-scale integrated circuit, etc.), aerospace industry, electronic product assembly

What are the requirements for temperature control in dust-free workshop

2021.12.06 Improved dust-free workshop and basic design standards, meet the demand of workshop, which can reduce the cost of dust-free workshop project, suitable for biological pharmaceutical, microelectronics and the food processing industry planning and construction of purification workshop, the workshop and the proportion of the pollutants produced by actual particles are the main factors affecting air exchange frequency purification workshop

Matters needing attention in dust-free workshop design scheme

2021.11.26 Matters needing attention in dust-free workshop design scheme,The design content of dust-free workshop includes reasonable layout process and building plane; 2. Choose the building structure and materials that meet the characteristics of dust-free workshop; 3. Dust-free workshop design should be based on the local energy supply background

How is the waste gas disposal in dust workshop carried out

2021.11.22 How is the waste gas disposal in dust workshop carried out:general living room, duty room, toilet discharged from the general exhaust can be directly discharged outdoors

Do all workshops need purification works

2021.11.22 Workshop purification engineering mainly to eliminate the particles in the air within a certain space, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, interior pressure, air velocity and air flow, noise vibration and lighting, static control rules only within a certain range, to ensure that products can be better in a stable environment.