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Hurricane Purification Technology Equipment company is engaged in design,production,installation,and testing of 100-level to 30-level air conditioner cleanroom purifying engineering in medicine,food,electronics,biochemical industry,and other industries


The company has large-scale shearing,folding,puching and other processing equopment,excellent manufacturing technology,in the domestic and foreign markets enjoy a high reputation.
Founded in August 2003, Wuxi Hurricane Purification Technology Equipment Co,Ltd一is located at Wuxi Yanqiao Industrial Park and belongs to the private sole proprietorship. Hurricane Purification Technology Equipment company is engaged in design, production, installation, and testing of class 100-level to class 300000-level cleanlinesscleanroom purifying engineering in medicine, food, electronics, bio chemical industry, and other industries; the company is also engaged in processing and manufacturing high-efficient filter, cleanroom work bench for single and double persons, air shower(room), class 100-level laminar hood, pass through chamber/box, cleanroom color plate and other cleanroom equipment for over ten years. View more
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Mask clean room cleaning requirements

2021.02.23 Mask clean room cleaning requirements

The importance of stainless steel air shower and technical indicators

2021.02.23 To enter the dust-free workshop, we must go through the necessary sterilization channel, this channel is the air shower room that we are going to talk about today. It can be seen that the air shower is an indispensable purification equipment in the dust-free workshop, and it can also be said that it is an essential channel. It has strong versatility and can be used with all clean rooms and clean plants.

What is a unidirectional clean room

2021.02.23 There are two types of unidirectional clean rooms, namely horizontal flow and vertical flow. In a horizontal flow system, air flows from one wall to another. In a vertical flow system, air flows from the ceiling to the ground.

This is all you need to know about building the N95 mask dust-free workshop factory

2021.02.02 There are three categories of medical equipment, masks belongs to the category of medical devices, whether medical cup type respirator, or disposable surgical masks, their production

The application of clean dust-free workshop in various industries

2021.02.02 The application of clean dust-free workshop in various industries

What do you have to keep clean of the dust-free workshop

2021.01.22 Clean workshop purification on the one hand is to send clean air to dilute the indoor polluted air, on the other hand is to quickly discharge the high concentration of indoor polluted air. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the air required by the production environment or the clean room for other purposes, it is necessary to take comprehensive measures in many aspects. What are there to keep the clean workshop clean?

What is the process of clean room engineering acceptance

2021.01.22 After the completion of the clean room project, the project manager will carry out a preliminary acceptance test. The items that often need to be tested are wind speed, ventilation times, humidity, temperature, pressure difference and so on. After preliminary detection is qualified, next, request construction unit to give completion check and accept.

Clean room plant clean operation process

2021.01.18 This operation procedure will play a guiding and reference role for the cleaning operation of the clean room in the factory

How to control the temperature and humidity in a dust-free clean room

2021.01.18 The temperature and humidity of the clean space is mainly determined according to the process requirements, but under the condition of meeting the process requirements, the sense of comfort of people should be taken into account. With the improvement of air cleanliness requirements, there is a trend that the requirements of temperature and humidity are more and more stringent.

What are the requirements for working clothes when working in the clean room purification workshop?

2021.01.12 We all know that clean room clean room management and maintenance are very strict, may be affected by any carelessness will cause serious consequences, clothing also to have certain requirements for staff, the following is from suzhou, one of the clean room clean room construction company hao handsome purification engineering to work and talk to you in the clean room purification workshop, the uniform requirements?

The development trend of modular clean room in 2020

2021.01.12 Modular clean room industry trends study was based on modular clean room industry market on the investigation and analysis of many factors, grasp the modular clean room industry market operation rule, and modular clean room industry characteristics, market capacity, the development trend of future competition trend, the downstream segment market demand trends, etc.

New Trend of purification industry - Modular clean room

2021.01.05 Clean room engineering is a specially designed room that removes particulate matter, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants in the air within a certain space, and controls indoor temperature and humidity, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow velocity and airflow distribution, noise, vibration and lighting, and static electricity within a certain demand range.