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Hurricane Purification Technology Equipment company is engaged in design,production,installation,and testing of 100-level to 30-level air conditioner cleanroom purifying engineering in medicine,food,electronics,biochemical industry,and other industries


The company has large-scale shearing,folding,puching and other processing equopment,excellent manufacturing technology,in the domestic and foreign markets enjoy a high reputation.
Founded in August 2003, Wuxi Hurricane Purification Technology Equipment Co,Ltd一is located at Wuxi Yanqiao Industrial Park and belongs to the private sole proprietorship. Hurricane Purification Technology Equipment company is engaged in design, production, installation, and testing of class 100-level to class 300000-level cleanlinesscleanroom purifying engineering in medicine, food, electronics, bio chemical industry, and other industries; the company is also engaged in processing and manufacturing high-efficient filter, cleanroom work bench for single and double persons, air shower(room), class 100-level laminar hood, pass through chamber/box, cleanroom color plate and other cleanroom equipment for over ten years. View more
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16 years of professional industry experience


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Load characteristics and energy saving of industrial clean room

2020.07.23 The development of industrial cleanrooms is closely related to modern industry and cutting-edge technology. Due to the environmental requirements of precision machinery industry and semiconductor industry, the development of industrial clean room technology is promoted. At present, industrial clean room is widely used in precision machinery, semiconductor, aerospace and atomic energy industries.

Main noise indicators in industrial clean room

2020.07.17 The noise standards of industrial clean room are generally stricter than the standards for protecting health, the purpose is to ensure the normal operation of the operation, to meet the necessary conversations and a safe and comfortable working environment. Therefore, the main indicators for measuring the noise of industrial clean room are:

Precautions for personnel withdrawing from industrial clean room

2020.07.08 In order to prevent cross-contamination of the food factory industrial clean room due to re-entry and round-trip operation, personnel should be evacuated from the industrial clean room in the prescribed order during and after the operation.

Main noise indicators in industrial clean room

2020.07.02 The noise standards of industrial clean room are generally stricter than the standards for protecting health, the purpose is to ensure the normal operation of the operation, to meet the necessary conversation and a safe and comfortable working environment. Therefore, the main indicators for measuring the noise of a clean room are:

How to clean an industrial clean room?

2020.06.29 With a long period of use, the surface of the industrial clean room will become dirty and must be cleaned. Imagine not cleaning the surface of an industrial clean room, then when the product touches the contaminated surface, the pollution will spread to the product.

Clean room cleaning method

2020.06.27 The environmental pollution of the clean room is not obvious, and it is often said that it is not clean. "Whether before or after cleaning, the clean room is very clean, so do not clean." These two words reflect the general idea of cleaning and maintaining the clean room.

Industrial clean room electrostatic induction inspection and engineering acceptance

2020.06.27 The problem of electrostatic induction is not only in the semiconductor industry, but also in other manufacturing industries. If there is electrostatic induction on this tiny chemical substance, it will become a very difficult problem because transmission becomes very difficult. In addition, in the industrial clean room​, if the surface of the block contains static electricity induction, it will attract dust and easily cause environmental pollution.

Development trend of modular clean room in 2020

2020.06.23 The modular clean room industry trend research report is based on the investigation and analysis of many factors that affect the market operation of the modular clean room industry, and grasps the market operation rules of the modular clean room industry, so that the future development trend of the modular clean room industry Features, market capacity, competitive trends, and segmentation of downstream market demand trends are forecasted.

Modular clean room promotes technology leadership and upgrading

2020.06.23 Existing modular clean rooms are implemented according to traditional technologies and construction models, and there are major deficiencies: materials cannot be standardized and mass-produced in factories; construction periods are long; construction safety is poor; and material repetition rates are low.

Focus on the epidemic, assembly clean room in action

2020.06.19 The assembled clean room adopts the intelligent control system independently developed by Dexin Zhiyuan. The 7 inch / 10 inch LCD touch screen human-machine control interface can be used to set the switch and mode of FFU. The preset mode includes the working mode and duty mode, which can be switched at any time as required to save energy and reduce consumption in the clean room. The intelligent control system can adjust the speed of FFU in high, medium and low gear, monitor the cleanliness, wind

Module cleanroom promotes technology leading and upgrading

2020.06.19 The module cleanroom industry is still in the initial stage of development in China, and the industry chain of module cleanrooms has just formed in China. The upstream is mainly composed of special materials and special equipment manufacturers including purification equipment; the midstream includes the design, construction, commissioning, test run of module cleanrooms; the downstream is microelectronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor, military industry, biomedicine, medical treatment and food

Features of clean room architecture design

2020.06.03 In the design of clean plant, architectural design is an important part. In the design of clean workshop, the plane and section design of the building should be carried out by taking into account the requirements of the production process and the characteristics of the production equipment, the air conditioning system