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Hurricane Purification Technology Equipment company is engaged in design,production,installation,and testing of 100-level to 30-level air conditioner cleanroom purifying engineering in medicine,food,electronics,biochemical industry,and other industries


The company has large-scale shearing,folding,puching and other processing equopment,excellent manufacturing technology,in the domestic and foreign markets enjoy a high reputation.
Founded in August 2003, Wuxi Hurricane Purification Technology Equipment Co,Ltd一is located at Wuxi Yanqiao Industrial Park and belongs to the private sole proprietorship. Hurricane Purification Technology Equipment company is engaged in design, production, installation, and testing of class 100-level to class 300000-level cleanlinesscleanroom purifying engineering in medicine, food, electronics, bio chemical industry, and other industries; the company is also engaged in processing and manufacturing high-efficient filter, cleanroom work bench for single and double persons, air shower(room), class 100-level laminar hood, pass through chamber/box, cleanroom color plate and other cleanroom equipment for over ten years. View more
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16 years of professional industry experience


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Detection of air temperature and relative humidity in clean room

2020.05.22 Detection of air temperature and relative humidity in clean room

The difference between biosafety cabinet, ventilation cabinet and super clean bench

2020.05.22 Drugs are special commodities, which affect people's health. In the process of pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical enterprises need to prevent particle and microbe pollution and cross pollution in the air. Among them, biosafety cabinet, ventilation cabinet, ultra clean workbench, etc. are all equipment produced to meet the high cleanliness production environment, and their stable operation is an important guarantee for pharmaceutical enterprises to clean production. So, what's the differen

Clean room construction verification process

2020.05.09 As the installation interface of clean utility engineering, clean process pipeline, production equipment, clean furniture, fire control system, electrical system, clean floor and clean elevator, clean room plays the role of connecting the two parts in the project. Therefore, in the design and construction of clean room, there is usually a close coordination of the construction sequence with other majors.

What is the 100,000-level industrial clean room standard?

2020.05.03 The cleanness level of industrial clean room is in fact that the value is smaller, the higher the purification level is, the higher the cleanliness is and the higher the cost is. One hundred thousand level industrial clean room is to point to the clean workshop that air clean degree is one hundred thousand level, namely the particle that every cubic meter controls inside the workshop is in 10 w less than, food workshop should reach 100 thousand level.

Dust-free workshop purification program

2020.05.03 In order to concentrate purification air conditioning system, in the whole room to create the same degree of industrial cleanliness environment purification treatment, called the whole room purification. This was one of the earliest forms of industrial clean room technology and is still used today. This kind of way suits to craft equipment tall, the quantity is a lot of, and indoor requirement is same the place of industrial clean degree. However, this approach is characterized by large investme

What kind of paving materials are used for the floor of the industrial clean room?

2020.05.03 Industrial clean room to the environment requirements are higher, industrial clean room floor use what kind of laying materials? Industrial purify workshop is to use PVC floor commonly, a few advantage of using PVC floor.The color of PVC floor of industry purify workshop is diversiform, colour can be decided according to the integral condition of the workshop. The appropriate color can be selected according to the needs of each workshop.

How to perform Cleanroom Monitoring

2020.05.02 The premises dedicated to the manufacture of medicinal products have to be monitored. Depending on the type of product to manufacture and whether it is a sterile or a non-sterile medicinal product, the requirements are more or less demanding. Besides, the amount of rules to be respected also increases the greater the risk of contamination for the product is.

Industrial modular Clean Room concept and composition

2020.04.27 Since the reform and development, with the rapid development of foreign-funded and private enterprises, clean air-conditioning technology has been widely used in microelectronics industry, medicine and health, food industry and other industries. More and more production process engineers and engineering technicians have contacted and recognized Cleanroom. Relevant practitioners in the Industrial modular Clean Room also showed geometric growth, but most of them did not really recognize the specif

Current status of domestic and foreign research and development of industrial clean rooms

2020.04.27 In products or scientific research, in order to prevent harmful factors from polluting the working environment, emerging clean technologies are widely used in industries with strict environmental requirements. The rapid development of modern science and technology and the demand for precision, cleanliness, reliability and nano-levels of related products have prompted the increasing environmental requirements of industries such as electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, aviation and food

What are the four principles of industrial clean room management?

2020.04.24 Four principles of industrial clean room management 1. Do not bring 1. Maintain positive pressure indoors. 2. The building should be tight, and there is no leakage of HPEA and frame. 3. The operator must change clothes and enter the industrial clean room after passing the bath room. 4. Machine. material. tool. It must be cleaned before entering the industrial clean room. 5. Non-essential items are prohibited

Several problems to be noticed in the construction and installation of industrial modular clean room

2020.04.24 The clean and sterile conditions of the industrial modular clean room are indispensable to most modern manufacturing industries. Without clean production conditions, the product is contaminated and either fails or is harmful to the human body. People are now using various components manufactured in industrial modular clean rooms, which are being used in computers, automobiles, airplanes, space vehicles, televisions, CD players, and other various electronic devices and mechanical devices; industr

Definition and classification of industrial clean room

2020.04.24 Clean rooms​ are mainly classified according to indoor cleanliness, airflow form, control objects, indoor net height and structural characteristics. According to the indoor cleanliness classification, it is mainly divided into Class 1, Class 10, Class 100, Class 10000, Class 10000. According to the air flow, it is classified into unidirectional flow, vector flow and turbulent flow. According to the control object classification, it is divided into industrial clean room and biological clean room.