What are the main points of electronic clean workshop maintenance

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Now every industry enterprises will use electronic clean workshops, but the cleanliness level they use is different. This kind of electronic clean workshop is generally designed and decorated by a special purification engineering company. Is it true that after the clean workshop is completed, it will be put into use once and for all through debugging and acceptance? Tell you not, later also need to do maintenance, in order to better operation!

What are the main points of electronic clean workshop maintenance

It is believed that if each electronic clean workshop can strictly achieve the above maintenance measures, it can not only play the special bonus role of the electronic clean workshop, but also extend the service life of the electronic clean workshop. This for any enterprise, can save costs and reduce expenses, there is no harm.

Specialized personnel should be designated to regularly monitor the cleanliness of the electronic cleaning shop. The electronic clean workshop must maintain sufficient cleanliness level to ensure normal production operations, so generally 3-6 months to detect the number of dust particles in the workshop, if the number exceeds the standard, it indicates that the workshop has entered a lot of dust, this time need to find the cause, and take the appropriate response and remedial measures.

The staff of the electronic clean workshop usually need to do a good job of cleaning and cleaning the electronic clean workshop. When cleaning, we should cooperate in the division of labor, all positions in the workshop, all kinds of machines should be cleaned, including the ceiling, lamps, walls, ground, and the workbench, instruments and instruments used in the work should be cleaned, and the cleaning order is from top to bottom, from the cleanliness of the high to the cleanliness of the low.

Regularly inspect and establish the fire control and monitoring system in the electronic clean workshop. Check and set up fire alarm, smoke exhaust, fire fighting, accident lighting and other facilities, and take corresponding measures according to the different nature of corrosive, combustible, spontaneous combustion, toxic and other goods, chemicals, and gases. And routine troubleshooting, found problems to timely repair and make records.

Due to the space problem, only for reference, I hope to help you, the specific detailed program can visit our website for further understanding, we will continue to explain the clean engineering construction process for you, introduce the requirements of clean engineering and interpret all kinds of electronic clean workshop standards.