What are the construction steps of electronic clean workshop

Industrial modular Clean Room time:2023/06/17 16:41:57 click:173

Electronics, optics, precision instrument production and other industries are inseparable from the clean workshop, not only in the production operation to be serious, careful, in the construction of the workshop must also be strictly in accordance with industry norms to implement, then, the construction of electronic clean workshop steps are what? Let's introduce it to you below.

1. Build the main structure

The structural material of the electronic clean workshop should be sandwich color steel plate. If there is a civil wall, choose 5 cm, if there is no civil wall, choose 10 cm.

2. Install ventilation ducts

The ventilation pipe should be selected according to the size of the workshop, the material should be made of zinc plate, and the cutting should be tightly stitched, to ensure that the material has no holes and is durable.

3. Ground construction

Ground construction is very important, the ground of the electronic clean workshop is generally epoxy flow flat and plastic PVC floor. Because these two materials are not easy to dust.