What are the factors that affect the layout and use of electronic clean workshop

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In the electronic clean workshop, the corresponding function room should be established according to the actual production process, and consider the flow of personnel and operation efficiency. According to the initial decision of the plan, the cleanliness level of the clean, non-clean and clean areas is determined. Then determine the corresponding ventilation times or cross section wind speed. Next, place the return air outlet, plan to clean the blower unit, and plan to return the external air duct. So how should it be deployed? Let's get to know!

The planar deployment method of electronic clean room is as follows:

Winding porch: The corridor can have Windows and no Windows, can be used for viewing and placing some equipment. Some set direct heating in the corridor, if the outer window is a double sealed window.

Inner gallery type: the dust-free area is set on the outside, and the corridor is set on the inside. The grade of this corridor is almost close to that of a dust-free workshop.

Two-end type: the dust-free area is located on one side, and the other side is provided with dust-free and auxiliary rooms.

Center type: the pipeline is shortened, centered on the dust-free area, and surrounded by auxiliary rooms and space shielding the pipeline. This method not only avoids the influence of outdoor climate on the dust-free area, but also reduces the energy consumption of cold and heat, which is conducive to energy saving.

Material purification roads should be separated from manual purification roads. If people and things can only be entered in the same place, then the material should be crude purification treatment first, and the person and material should be separated into the electronic clean workshop.

In terms of system planning, the rough purification and purification stages of the physical purification chamber will blow away a large number of raw particles. In order to reduce the pollution caused by operation and walking, staff should change dust-free clothes in advance, wash hands, disinfect, and shower.

One, change the wind

During processing, it is important to reduce the particle rate without affecting other elements.

2, the glove box or the over-control module and other areas, there will be unilateral, flow field, vertical or horizontal cyclone air pollutants.

Three, air purification system software

According to the main use, you can also choose such as circulation system air, plus fresh air system processing system software.

Four, gas pressure difference

It is necessary to increase the number of clean rooms such as electronic clean workshop. Its function is to prevent the clean room from environmental pollution in the adjacent area, the inflow of air pollutants that endanger the operation, avoid the interspersed environmental pollution between different areas, and help maintain the specified temperature and environmental humidity level.

Five, temperature control

Changes in temperature and ambient humidity can constitute errors in the production line equipment, affecting the accuracy of the processing process, resulting in a decrease in output and an increase in costs. Therefore, strict control of the temperature of the clean room is obvious and necessary.