Electronic purification workshop is composed of which several parts

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With the development of the electronic industry, the cleanliness of the production workshop is becoming more and more demanding. The construction of electronic clean workshop is urgent clean workshop, it is the foundation of pollution control. Without purification and clean workshop construction and decoration, fine, high quality parts and products can not be mass-produced. So what are the parts of the purification workshop? Follow me today to learn more about it!

Electronic purification workshop is composed of which several parts

1, compartment, electronic purification clean workshop construction compartment is generally divided into replacing clothes area, cleaning clean area and unclean area, replacing clothes area and cleaning clean area are provided with air shower room, purification clean workshop and outdoor access passage transfer box. When the personnel enter the purification and cleaning workshop, they should first go through the air shower room, blow the dust brought by the human body, and reduce the dust brought into the purification workshop. The transfer box is to blow the dust of the item to achieve the effect of dust.

2, electronic purification and clean workshop construction control system temperature: dry coil system control; Humidity: air conditioning box adjustment through sensing signal, control the three-way valve opening to adjust the air conditioning box coil water intake; Positive pressure: The air conditioning box regulation, according to the static pressure sensing signal, automatically adjust the frequency of the air conditioning box motor frequency converter, so as to adjust the new air volume into the room.

3. Fresh air system process system adopts full fresh air air conditioning box +FFU system, namely fan and filter. Filter adopts HEPAa or ULPA, filtering efficiency is 99.997%.

4. Flow chart of water system. The construction ice water system of electronic purification and cleaning workshop is divided into primary side and secondary side. The ice water temperature of the primary side is 7-12° to supply the air conditioning box and fan coil, and the ice water of the secondary side is 12-17° to supply the dry coil system. The primary ice water and the secondary ice water are two different circuits connected by plate heat exchanger.

5, other systems are not only air conditioning system, electronic purification workshop system also includes electrical system, floor system, water supply and drainage system; Adjust the temperature and humidity to a certain limit of the construction engineering design of the purification workshop, including detecting the air supply temperature of the purification workshop, the air temperature of representative measuring points, the air temperature of the middle point of the purification workshop, the air degree at the sensitive element, the indoor air relative temperature, and the return air temperature.