Cleaning workshop air shower room blowing time

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The reason why the purification workshop chooses to introduce the air shower to achieve the dust removal effect is that modern people, whether on the health requirements of various aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation are more and more high, so we all in the purification workshop after the introduction of the air shower room how to set the shower time? Today, a net small make up for you to tell.

Cleaning workshop air shower room blowing time

The air shower time is adjustable between 0 and 99 seconds. But many customers generally choose 15 seconds or so. So why 15 seconds? Follow Xiaobian to read on!

First, if the blowing time is too little, may lead to human body or goods carried by the dust is not clean.

Two, if the shower time is too long, it will lead to too much time consumption. If the factory or company needs more people through the wind shower, it can not be all through the wind shower within the specified time.

Three, 15 seconds this value, generally in the electronics factory, food factory, pharmaceutical factory is the most common. Because of this kind of factory, the human body generally carries not a lot of dust, 15 seconds of blowing time is enough to blow the dust clean.