How can the electronics industry build clean buildings according to the needs

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Laymen are not clear about the role of clean workshop on production, think why spend so much money to build, the following electronic clean workshop as an example to answer the electronic industry how to build clean workshop according to the needs of it!

How can the electronics industry build clean buildings according to the needs

The construction methods of electronic clean workshop engineering can be divided into civil engineering construction and prefabricated building, among which prefabricated building is widely used. The key software of prefabricated building clean workshop system is the air supply air supply and ventilation system of primary, middle and high level air purification. Driving force and lighting system software; Air quality parameter detection alarm fire safety and communication system; Abortion and logistics management system; Process pipeline system software; The implementation content of maintenance structure and electrostatic induction floor decoration and other aspects is composed of all the supporting facilities and construction works of all the machines and instruments included in the automatic control of the air purification system.

The engineering architectural plan and spatial planning of electronic clean workshop should have moderate coordination ability. Large capacity and long span column network should be selected for the main project, not the load management system of inner and outer walls. The use performance of the main project of the electronic clean workshop should be harmonized with the weapons and equipment in the room and the interior decoration level, and should have the characteristics of fire safety, temperature deformation and uneven ground settlement. The deformation joint of the industrial workshop building is not suitable for crossing the rebirth clean area.

The necessity of electronic clean workshop design scheme depends on: when the commodity is caused by special requirements, asepsis detection of natural environment, temperature, environmental humidity, working pressure has special requirements of the natural environment, etc.) of the commodity, if the working environment can not consider the design scheme of the clean workshop, the production of goods will eventually not meet the quality requirements of the commodity. Goods that cannot meet the quality requirements will be unsuccessful goods and will have no economic value.

According to the requirements of enterprises to build clean workshop equipment to build the ultimate working environment for commodities, and the electronic clean workshop must meet certain specifications before it can be counted as standard. The cleaning equipment setting in the cleaning steps of staff is effective, the inflow of cleaning equipment is effective, and it is not easy to cause cross-type environmental pollution.

To solve the layout and structure of the electronic clean workshop with both general production and clean production, abortion, transportation logistics and fire safety should be prevented from bringing adverse harm to clean production and manufacturing.

Above is all the explanation of this article, I think you read here, must have a certain understanding of how to build clean workshop according to the needs of the electronics industry. If you want to know more about the transformation and construction of electronic clean workshop, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to our website, we will continue to explain the construction process of semiconductor clean engineering, chip clean engineering, integrated circuit clean engineering for you, introduce the requirements of clean engineering and interpret all kinds of electronic clean workshop standards.