What are the cleaning equipment of packaging and testing clean workshop

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Packaging and testing clean workshop is designed and built by purification engineering company, through various equipment to purify and control indoor pollution, such as dust in the air, harmful substances, bacteria and so on. This ensures a clean production environment and improves product quality. So what purification equipment does the packaging and testing clean workshop have? The following Hejie electronic purification engineering company for you to introduce.

What are the cleaning equipment of packaging and testing clean workshop?

Picture of package test clean shop

1. Efficient exhaust outlet and air supply outlet

In order to ensure the air quality of the packaging and testing clean workshop, the whole purified air conditioner should be equipped with three levels of filters, namely initial effect (pre-filtration), medium effect and high efficiency (end air discharge).

2. Transfer window

The purpose of the transfer window is to reduce cross-air pollution between the two package test clean plants and between the dust-free plant and the outside world. Usually divided into mechanical interlocking and electronic interlocking.

3. Super clean workbench

Purification table is a kind of purification equipment to provide a sterile clean working environment. There are two blowing modes: vertical flow and horizontal flow. Materials include box cold plate, paint table, stainless steel and all stainless steel.