Clean room Clean shed installed

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Referring to clean shed, clean shed is a simple clean room that can be built quickly. It is characterized by fast installation, short construction period, low price and easy movement, etc. It is also a better choice for clean room design to control the main production process in a smaller environment. Features of the clean shed Fan suction air from the top of FFU, through the primary effect filter, high efficiency filter, filtered clean air in the whole air outlet surface at 0.45m/s±20% of the wind speed uniform sent to the clean shed. A uniform flow layer is formed to make the clean air flow present a vertical one-way flow, thus ensuring the cleanliness required in the working area.

Clean room Clean shed installed

The clean room is equipped with a clean shed. The structure of the clean shed is as follows:

1. Frame: Industrial aluminum (or stainless steel fangtong, Iron Fangtong spray) as the frame stable, beautiful, no rust, no dust production

2. Anti-static curtain: use anti-static curtain (or toughened glass) around, good anti-static effect, high transparency, clear grid, good flexibility, no deformation, not easy aging;

3 fan filter unit FFU:, using centrifugal fan, has a long life, low noise, maintenance free, small vibration, variable speed and other characteristics, the fan quality is reliable, long working life, coupled with the unique air duct design, greatly improve the efficiency of the fan, reduce the noise! Internal purification level up to 100-100K; It is especially suitable for areas with high local purification level in the workshop, such as the assembly line area.

4. Special purification lamp for purification room project is adopted inside, without dust production;

The clean shed has many advantages due to its high efficiency in purification engineering:

1. It can be used alone or in combination.

2. Compared with civil or fabricated hundred grade clean rooms, less investment, quick effect, easy installation and low operating cost.

3. Modular structure, easy to improve cleanliness level, strong expansibility, and high reuse value

4. Easy to move (universal wheel can be installed)