Difference between industrial cleanrooms and biological cleanrooms

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A clean room, also known as a clean room or clean room. This is the basis of environmental pollution manipulation. Without clean rooms, parts that are sensitive to environmental pollution are not produced in large quantities. In FED-STD-2, a clean room is defined as a room with air filters, distribution, lifting, structural raw materials and equipment, and at least a special standard operating procedure to manipulate the concentration of floating water molecules beyond a moderate level of water molecular cleanliness. Clean room means will have to be within the interior space of the particles in the gas, air pollutant removal of harmful gases and bacteria, and the room, room temperature, cleanliness level of work pressure, rate of cyclone cyclones throughout, noise, vibration and lighting lamps and lanterns, electrostatic induction control in the range of a certain requirements, and give the design plan of the house very much.

Difference between industrial cleanrooms and biological cleanrooms

Different manufacturing cleanrooms have different differences, such as industrial cleanrooms and microbial cleanrooms:

Clean rooms for industrial production

Industrial production of clean room inanimate object manipulation constructor. Clean shed key control gas fine particulate environmental pollution in the work of the construction function, generally maintain within the blower. Apply precision hardware industry, electronics industry, semiconductor material, integrated circuit chips, magnetic products, etc.), aerospace industry, high purity, atomic energy industry, chemical plant, industrial (Cd, tape, film and television production), liquid crystal display (LCD) glass, computer hard disk tape machine manufacturing and other manufacturing industries.

Microbial cleanroom

Microbial cleanrooms are critical to the operation of the constructors of environmental pollution (dust) of living and living objects (bacteria) and non-living objects. , can be divided into: 1, usually microbial clean room: key environmental pollution manipulation microbial species (bacteria) structure function. Together with its internal raw materials must be able to bear a variety of fungicide corrosion, internal general guarantee fan. Essentially its internal raw materials can withstand a variety of sterilization solution industrial production clean room. Examples: pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, hospital outpatient ICU, sterile testing delivery room) Food, skin care products, beverage production and manufacturing, animal laboratory, physical and chemical inspection room, blood station, etc. 2. Biosafety Clean room: the key manipulative constructor of water molecular environmental pollution with the outside world and people's clothing, food, shelter and transportation. Internal maintenance and air pressure atmosphere. Examples: bacteriology laboratory, physical engineering project, molecular biology.