Focus on the epidemic, assembly clean room in action

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Focus on the epidemic, assembly clean room in action

At present, although the domestic epidemic has been contained to a certain extent, with the start-up of enterprises all over the country, the production capacity of the original protective masks mainly used for medical use and life has been limited again, and the foreign epidemic has also been in the outbreak stage. In this case, the gap of masks in the world continues to expand. As the largest producer of masks, China is also expected to import masks from China. In addition, affected by the epidemic, the habit of people hoarding and using masks will continue after the epidemic, so the global shortage of masks will continue for a long time.

As a kind of medical equipment, the production process of mask is simple, but the production environment should be carried out according to strict standards, that is, the cleanliness level must reach 100000 level of control, the front end of the clean room should be equipped with buffer room, dressing room, and personnel and materials can only enter after being blown into the air shower room.

Assembly clean room stand out among many cleanroom manufacturers because of the following characteristics:

01. Intelligent control

The assembled clean room adopts the intelligent control system independently developed by Dexin Zhiyuan. The 7 inch / 10 inch LCD touch screen human-machine control interface can be used to set the switch and mode of FFU. The preset mode includes the working mode and duty mode, which can be switched at any time as required to save energy and reduce consumption in the clean room. The intelligent control system can adjust the speed of FFU in high, medium and low gear, monitor the cleanliness, wind speed and pressure difference in real time, display the specific position of FFU fault, and improve the maintenance efficiency. The intelligent features of the assembly type clean room are simpler to operate in the maintenance of 100000 class cleanliness of the mask workshop.

Focus on the epidemic, assembly clean room in action

02. Convenient and fast installation

Generally, there is a problem of time delay in clean room projects. Time delay not only leads to project progress, project quality out of control and causes disputes among all parties of project construction, but also delays the production and use of clean room, thus further damaging the economic benefits of the enterprise. Compared with the lag and uncontrollability in the construction period control of the clean room project, the modular structure and short construction period of the assembled clean room can effectively avoid these problems. The field installation of the assembled clean room can be completed in 3-5 days. In addition, the production cycle of the factory and the current eruption order pressure of the mask clean room can only take about 20 days at most, which fully meets the urgent needs of the mask factory under the epidemic situation.

03. Reusable

Because of its modular structure design features, the assembly type clean room can expand and reduce the space size of the clean room and increase or decrease the relevant configuration facilities at will according to the production demand, which is convenient and fast for disassembly and installation. In addition to the glass glue and some lines and wires, the main materials can be reused, and the reusable rate can reach 98%. The assembly type clean room plays a great role in enterprise relocation and production expansion, saving enterprise costs and improving production efficiency. Most of the enterprises that turned to mask production this time are self-produced and self-selling. After the epidemic, they will return to the original production line. The assembly type clean room can be removed for other purposes or can continue to be used as mask workshop. There are more options for the factory.

Assembly clean room has accumulated a lot of successful experience. What Dexin Zhiyuan provides customers is not only a single high-quality product, but a complete set of perfect solutions. With the unity and cooperation of all enterprises, the strength has been consolidated, the war and epidemic have been arduous, and the dawn of victory has come.