​ Modular cleanrooms promote technical leadership and product upgrades

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The field of purification room is still in the early stage of the development trend in China, and the whole industrial chain of purification room will emerge soon in China. The upstream and downstream are mainly manufacturing enterprises of some materials and unique machinery and equipment. The upstream and downstream are the design scheme, construction, regulation and operation of purification room. The middle and lower parts of the purification chamber are used in microelectronics, optics, semiconductor materials, military, biotechnology, medical and food applications, etc. With the upgrading of industrial structure in China and the migration of production capacity of deep processing companies around the world, the middle and lower reaches of fields such as electronic devices, semiconductor materials, optics, biomedical, health care and so on will enter a high development trend. The report shows that the compound annual growth rate of purification room is 22.91%, and the market capacity is expected to exceed 240 billion yuan in 2018.

  Modular cleanrooms promote technical leadership and product upgrades

Modular cleanrooms promote technical leadership and product upgrades.

At the present stage, the purification room is all using traditional technology and engineering construction methods, with very large shortages: raw materials can not be standardized, large-scale production and manufacturing, long development cycle, poor safety construction degree, low raw material repetition rate.

"Modular clean indoor" is a response to the regulation of resource saving and recycling, according to modularization and technological innovation, in the design of the import intervention analysis of technical and structural simulation technical and cyclone simulation technology, ensure the smooth operation of raw materials, machinery, equipment and spare parts, promote clean indoor decoration materials, machinery, equipment and spare parts of recycling effect, reasonable cost and application of energy dissipation, reduce operating risk. Selecting the modular and technical clean room project, the electrical equipment pipeline and accessories, pure water and pure bronchus and accessories, processing technology pipeline, protective machinery equipment and raw materials, etc., carry out the modularization, and complete the practical application of the project, large-scale construction of the clean room project and standardized construction.

The application of new technology and new process industrial equipment in modular design, production and manufacturing will promote the expansion of the whole industrial chain of industrial production and the aggregation of the industrial chain of control modules and spare parts. Modular design of raw materials, the application of the project will make 20% lower engineering construction during the construction of purification engineering industry, further improve the construction quality, and to further promote the change of the field operation mode, and its related areas of upgrading and development trend, with the development of the company technical update and upgrade.

The cleaning box is manufactured in other places and sent to the project for final installation on the spot. It can be installed in a day.