What aspects should be paid attention to in the construction of purification workshop

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Formulate the BAI order list for the construction of the purification workshop: the order of DU in the construction of the purification workshop is Zhi, and eliminate the extreme wrong practice of constructing the DAO part first when the material arrives first, so as to avoid pollution. All parts that are allowed to be constructed at the same time should pay attention to the connection between each other, and if necessary, the second design drawing of the construction should be drawn.

What aspects should be paid attention to in the construction of purification workshop

Installation of HEPA filter: Before the installation of HEPA filter in the purification workshop, the cleaning work should be done thoroughly. After the connection of purification supply and return air system for 24 hours, the HEPA filter should be installed immediately after the clean room is cleaned again.

The construction of the air duct of the clean air supply and return system: the inner surface of the air duct must be smooth and smooth. The air leakage inspection should be carried out after the installation of the air duct and before the heat preservation. The position of the embedded parts, nails or expansion bolts of the air duct and the component support and hanger should be correct, firm and reliable. The embedded part should be removed from the oil and shall not be painted.

Set up a special storage room: all materials and equipment instructions and certificates should be properly kept so that the materials can be handed over to users after completion acceptance. When the equipment and materials arrive at the construction site of the purification workshop, they should be strictly checked, and all kinds of processes should be re-sealed after unpacking and checking.

Do a good job in sealing the purification workshop: the air flow in the clean workshop should flow orderly, according to the intention of the designer, and should not leak where it should not leak. Many people think that in order to balance the fresh air in the construction of the purification workshop, part of the indoor air should be discharged, and it does not matter if it leaks a little. This view is not advisable.

Other matters: Before the construction of the purification workshop, the original building should be thoroughly cleaned and repaired, and the original doors and Windows should be sealed. The installation of ultra-pure water and ultra-pure gas system in clean workshop must be carried out by qualified professionals.