What is a purification workshop

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Purification workshop is also called dust-free workshop, clean room, clean room; Refers to the certain space within the scale of the air particles, harmful gases, bacteria and other dirt cleaning, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow speed and airflow distribution, noise vibration and lighting, static control in a certain demand scale, give a special planning of the room. That is, no matter how the external air conditions change, the indoor can maintain the original set requirements of cleanliness, temperature and humidity and pressure features. It is the foundation of pollution control. No purification workshop, pollution active parts can not be mass production. So which parts of the purification workshop is composed of?

What is a purification workshop

Purification workshop consists of five parts

01, compartment

Purification workshop compartment is divided into three parts, dressing room, thousand area and hundred area, dressing room and thousand area, thousand area and hundred area are equipped with airshower (airshower), purification workshop and outdoor goods budget channel transfer box (passbox, when the personnel enter the purification workshop, first through the airshower, with the dust of the human body blowing, Reduce the dust brought into the purification workshop by personnel, and the transfer box is to blow the dust of items to reach the effect of falling dust.

02. Flow chart of wind system

The system is full fresh air conditioning box +FFU system:

All fresh air conditioning box structure

FFU:(FANFILTERUNIT) fan and filter

HEPA is selected for 1000-class filter, and the filter power is 99.997%. ULPA is selected for 100-class filter, and the filter power is 99.9995%.

Water system Flow chart of water system

The ice water system is divided into primary side and secondary side. Primary ice water temperature of 7-12 degrees, supply air conditioning box and fan coil, secondary ice water 12-17 degrees supply dry coil system, primary ice water and secondary ice water are two different loops, connected by plate heat exchanger.

Principle of plate heat exchanger:

Dry coil tube: the coil tube without condensation, because the temperature of purification workshop is 22 degrees, the dew point temperature is about 12 degrees, so 7 degrees of ice water can not directly enter the purification workshop, so the temperature of ice water into the dry coil tube is 12-14 degrees.

04, control system (DDC) temperature: dry coil system control

Humidity: air conditioning box dispatch through the sensing signal, control the three-way valve opening to dispatch the air conditioning box coil into the water.

Positive pressure: air conditioning box scheduling, according to the static pressure sensing signal, automatic scheduling of air conditioning box motor frequency converter frequency, and then scheduling into the indoor fresh air volume.

05. Other systems

Not only air conditioning system, purification workshop system also includes vacuum, air pressure, nitrogen, pure water, waste water, carbon dioxide system, process exhaust system, testing specifications:

1. Airflow speed and uniformity detection, this detection is the premise of other detection of purification workshop effect, the purpose of this detection is to clear unidirectional flow purification workshop operation area of uniform air circulation and uniformity.

2, system or room air volume detection.

3. Detection of indoor cleanliness. Cleanliness detection is to recognize the cleanliness level of air accessible in a clean environment. Particle counter can be used for detection.

4. Self-cleaning time detection. The ability to restore the original cleanliness of the clean room in the event of contamination by acknowledging the self-cleaning time.

5. Air flow pattern detection.

6, noise detection.

7, the detection of illumination. The purpose of illuminance detection is to determine the uniformity of the water illuminance in the clean room.

8, vibration detection. The purpose of vibration detection is to determine the vibration amplitude indicated in the purification workshop.

9, temperature and humidity detection. The purpose of temperature and humidity detection is to adjust the temperature and humidity to a certain limit. The content includes the detection of the air supply temperature of the purification workshop, the detection of the air temperature of the representative measuring point, the detection of the air temperature at the center of the purification workshop, the detection of the air degree at the active element, the detection of the relative temperature of the indoor air, the detection of the return air temperature.

10. Detection of total air volume and fresh air volume.