What rules should be considered in appearance inspection of dust-free workshop

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What provisions should be considered in appearance inspection of dust-free workshop:

1. All kinds of pipes, automatic fire extinguishing equipment, air conditioning purification machinery equipment (central air conditioning, centrifugal fan, clean refrigeration unit, hePA filter (function: filter residue, etc.) Stainless steel shower room, etc.) The installation should be appropriate, firm, firm, error should meet the relevant requirements;

What rules should be considered in appearance inspection of dust-free workshop

2. Ordinary high school air filter (function: filter residue, etc.) The connection with the fixed bracket, ventilation pipe and mechanical equipment should be reliable and sealed;

3. All kinds of regulating equipment should be strict, convenient, easy to operate;

4. Clean the central air conditioning, plenum, ventilation duct system software and air supply outlet without dust;

5. The walls, ceiling and road surface in the purification workshop should be smooth, symmetrical in color, and the road surface should be free from dust and electrostatic induction (electrostatic induction);

6. Air supply, air supply outlet, all kinds of tail equipment, all kinds of pipes, lighting fixtures and transmission line pipes, and technology should be sealed according to the purification chamber;

7. All kinds of distribution boxes, cabinets and pipes and branches of electrical equipment entering the purification room in the purification workshop should be sealed and reliable. The principle of purification in the purification workshop is that when the control board is connected to the switching power supply, the port of the oil mist separator produces strong negative pressure, resulting in the inhalation of welding dust. Separator under the action of impeller impact, so that the fine particles gathered into controllable small particles, gas and water in the high efficiency of fogging raw materials to achieve oil and water separation. Purification workshop indoor temperature air dust removal, high temperature air filtration, air purification, station dust removal.