What are the requirements for temperature control in dust-free workshop

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Improved dust-free workshop and basic design standards, meet the demand of workshop, which can reduce the cost of dust-free workshop project, suitable for biological pharmaceutical, microelectronics and the food processing industry planning and construction of purification workshop, the workshop and the proportion of the pollutants produced by actual particles are the main factors affecting air exchange frequency purification workshop, in the process of production, particle removal rate is very important, Does not affect its factors.

What are the requirements for temperature control in dust-free workshop

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Today Hailey Constant purification xiaobian take you to see: how to ensure the dust removal performance of dust-free workshop:

In many cases, the unidirectional airflow is used only for small space sensitive area dust-free workshop, the use of micro environment, there might be the sources of the pollutants such as glove box, filtering module, most of them outside the one-way air purification workshop to solve, this scheme can only be no operating personnel in the area, the production equipment and the realization of unidirectional airflow exhaust, The choice of vertical or horizontal airflow depends on the structure of the workshop and the location of equipment, and turbulence can drag down pollutants. Its equipment dust-free workshop also can choose according to external use, general drug firms need is greater than the pressure difference, using layer pressure difference between different regions, avoid cross contamination, make a series of stacked damper rapid diffusion of air, and positive pressure damper installed in producing pressure difference between different areas, the change of temperature and humidity may lead to the production equipment error, It affects the repeatability of the production process and ultimately leads to reduced production and increased waste.

Therefore, strict temperature control requirements of the purification workshop is obvious, need the cost, in general, engineers in the design process must be to reduce the construction cost, that requires accurate temperature control of large area at the same time, if the power equipment and control system of professional purification workshop have strict requirements, the region dust-free workshop with local temperature thermostat to control design, It can promote local reheating or re-cooling of the coil installed on the pipe to meet the damp and heat requirements of the dust-free workshop.