Do all workshops need purification works

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Workshop purification engineering mainly to eliminate the particles in the air within a certain space, bacteria and other harmful air pollutants, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, interior pressure, air velocity and air flow, noise vibration and lighting, static control rules only within a certain range, to ensure that products can be better in a stable environment.

Do all workshops need purification works

To achieve such a stable working environment is called clean site, also known as clean site, clean room, clean room. No matter how the external standard changes, its indoor can maintain the original set of cleanliness, temperature and humidity, pressure and other performance.

Do all workshops need purification works?

The answer is no.

The need for purification works depends on the type of production in your factory; The cleanliness of the dust-free workshop is also appropriate according to the provisions of the processing process.

Therefore, identifying which plants need to be purified is the first step in using funds.

Let us talk to you about which industries need purification works and what costs are included.

One is the industry category.

Clean workshop engineering is widely used. Generally speaking, strict environmental regulations, high air cleanliness requirements of the enterprise need to purify workshop engineering, such as medical, operating room, medical equipment, drugs, food, health products, cosmetics, electronic products, QS certification or GMP certification industry. As for semiconductor materials, optoelectronics, precision manufacturing, biological engineering, aerospace and other industries, it is more necessary. And the industry accuracy and dust-free standards vary greatly. According to the regional environment, the degree of purification and other factors, the purification workshop can be several levels. In general, the lower the value, the higher the purification level. In other words, hundred > thousand > ten thousand > one hundred > three hundred thousand.

Second, cleanliness requirements.

Purification room is an important part of its purification air conditioning, with the improvement of purification level, the number of ventilation will increase, which is also a part of the impact of the cost, according to the "purification room design specification" (GB50073-2013) recommendations:

Level 100,000 10-15 times/hour;

15-25 times per hour;

1000 level 50-60 times/hour;

The wind speed of the section of the 100-class operating platform is 0.25-0.35m/s;

The working principle of purification workshop generally includes primary filtration, intermediate filtration and high efficiency filtration. Take a return air AHU as an example, the airflow organization is as follows:

Air flow → primary purification → humidification section → heating section → surface cooling section → intermediate purification → fan air supply → pipeline → efficient purification tuyere → blowing into the room → take away dust, bacteria and other particles → return air louver → primary purification.

Third, the production process.

Reasonable layout of production process and building plane, which is also very important when doing purification engineering construction! Process as short as possible, reduce cross-reciprocating, reasonable flow of people, logistics. In order to be equipped with personnel purification room and material purification room, in addition to users with product process requirements, they should also be equipped with sanitary ware room, laundry room, temporary storage room, etc. Each user is independent. The area of purification workshop should be adapted to the production scale under the premise of ensuring basic requirements. A specialized process must also be configured with its standardized process usage.

Fourth, production scale and equipment standards.

In general, what is the output of the production shop? Only in this way can the type of equipment and the size of the room be determined. If equipment has been selected or clean room technology has been laid out; Provide the parameters of indoor equipment, such as external dimensions, operating dimensions, power consumption, gas, water, heat, exhaust volume, etc. Power consumption affects heat dissipation, boilers and other heating equipment affect heating, which will affect the selection of air conditioning load. Special equipment also involves PCW system of process cooling equipment and CDA system of air pressure pipeline.