How to keep the air clean in dust-free workshop

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How to keep the air clean in dust-free workshop:

1. Manipulation of microbial strains

The control of the microbial species in the natural environment of the production workshop is still dependent on the excellent air filtration system software equipment, and its filtration efficiency can be 99.9%~99.99% to filter out the bacteria and dust in the air. In production and manufacturing, the temperature in the production workshop is strictly controlled at 18~26℃, and the air humidity is controlled at 45%~65%, so as to destroy the growth and development standard of beneficial bacteria, and the disinfection and sterilization of disinfectants, the actual effect of natural environment control is relatively satisfactory.

How to keep the air clean in dust-free workshop:

2. About daily disinfectant disinfection and sterilization, after daily production and manufacturing, use 75% alcohol or 2% negeramine aqueous solution to scrub machines and equipment, desktops, Windows, walls, etc., and use 3%~5% lysol to scrub the road surface for disinfection and sterilization.

3. Every three days after the production, with 75% alcohol or 2% new jie er die aqueous solution within the purification workshop on all the equipment surface and canopy, lighting lamps and lanterns, such as surface conducting scrub disinfection sterilization, 3% ~ 5% lysol on the road to carry out disinfection sterilization, due to the production process by the goal is to kill bacteria breeding, manipulation of the purification workshop microbial species composition

4. Indoor formaldehyde vapor sterilization technology

Indoor formaldehyde fumigation not only has a very good sterilization effect on aspergillus flavus which is not easy to kill, but also has a good effect on the elimination of bacterial spores in the natural environment. The actual operation of indoor formaldehyde fumigation must pay attention to: first, ensure that the indoor temperature of the production workshop is above 35℃ and the air humidity is above 60%; The second is to ensure that the amount of formaldehyde used in the room is 10 grams/cubic; In addition, the room should be disinfected for no less than 12 hours; In particular, it is worth mentioning that the sodium hydroxide should be carried out in the same proportion before the indoor formaldehyde exchange, which will minimize the harm to the body and the environmental pollution of the natural environment. In order to better avoid bacteria resistance to indoor formaldehyde, reactive oxygen species can be used to replace the actual effect will be better

5. Fall colony microbial strains to manipulate another game is environmental disinfection and sterilization, disinfection of environment generally contain ozone disinfection and ultraviolet germicidal lamp direct cleaning, indoor formaldehyde damping regularity, which actually choose to consider the production process and staff safety work of practical feasibility analysis. In addition, the current use in GMP pharmaceutical diagnosis and treatment, food industry production and processing of sterile testing goods sterilization method.