What are the requirements for working clothes when working in the clean room purification workshop?

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We all know that clean room clean room management and maintenance are very strict, may be affected by any carelessness will cause serious consequences, clothing also to have certain requirements for staff, the following is from suzhou, one of the clean room clean room construction company hao handsome purification engineering to work and talk to you in the clean room purification workshop, the uniform requirements?

What are the requirements for working clothes when working in the clean room purification workshop

Clean room clean room work clothes in addition to the clothes itself can't be send out dust source, also have to prevent the human body is sending out the effect of the dust, and at the same time as the clothes, on the materials and design should have safety protection, comfort, convenience and aesthetic performance, or because of work clothing styles, fabrics and underwear, directly affect the clean dust and the number of colonies in the city.

First, the general clean room purification workshop production area, control area and clean area work clothes in the style, color should be clearly distinguished, not mixed wear.

Second, the general clean room purification workshop production area work clothes washing 1 ~ 2 times a week, control area, clean area work clothes must be washed and disinfected every shift.

Third, at the end of the work, the control area and the clean area staff should change their work clothes in time, and put them into the window to be washed and disinfected by special people. Do not take it out of the control area or cleaning area of the clean room and purification workshop.

Fourth, the washing and drying of work clothes should be carried out in a clean room to avoid dust and insect pollution. Working clothes with different clean requirements should be washed separately. After washing and drying, the sterile clothes in clean area and control area of clean room and purification workshop are loaded into sterilization bags one by one for centralized sterilization. After sterilization, make the status mark and indicate the date of sterilization. The work clothes after sterilization should be used within 2 days.

Fifth, the work clothes cabinet should be divided into the work clothes cabinet and the work clothes cabinet, and there is a clear mark, shall not be mixed to prevent cross pollution.

Sixth, the operator of the underwear fabric is best polyester, although the outside wear clean work clothes, but still can emit dust, foreign people have done tests, different underwear, the number of dust distributed. Polyesters are the least, followed by cotton, and sweaters are the most.

Hope that the clean room purification workshop construction company hao jun purification project for you to introduce in the clean room purification workshop work, what are the requirements of work clothes and other related content to help you!