Modular clean room promotes technology leading and upgrading

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The existing clean rooms are implemented according to the traditional technology and construction mode, but there are some shortcomings: materials can not be standardized, factory mass production; Long construction period; Poor construction safety; Low material repetition rate.

Modular clean room promotes technology leading and upgrading

"Modular clean room" response resource saving and recycling requirements, through the modular design and technical innovation, introduced in the design phase interference analysis technology, simulation technology and airflow simulation technology structure, stable performance and at the same time, promote clean decoration materials, equipment and parts recycling effect, effectively reduce the production and the practical energy consumption, reducing the investment risk. Through the application of modular design technology in clean room engineering, the electrical pipelines, accessories, pure water and gas pipelines and accessories, process pipelines, isolation equipment and materials are modularized, so as to achieve productization of engineering, factory construction of clean room engineering and standardization of engineering construction.

The application of new process machinery and equipment in modular production will promote the extension of industrial chain of clean industry and the aggregation of modular parts industry. The application of modular clean room materials in the project will shorten the construction period by 20%, greatly improve the construction quality, further change the profit model of the industry, and promote the renewal and development of related industries. It has the function of promoting the technology leading and upgrading of enterprises.