The integrated clean room equipment package defines the new concept of clean room installation

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The integrated clean room equipment package defines the new concept of clean room installation

Integrated clean room equipment package

At the beginning of the cleanroom construction, there should be an overall plan for the matching of the equipment and the overall cleanroom installation. Clean room decoration is time-consuming and laborious, if the clean room equipment and the whole inside does not coordinate is a headache for the enterprise. Modern enterprises are becoming more and more interested in integrated clean room equipment package. Besides convenience, the use of integrated equipment package will make the whole clean room more visually coordinated and the overall structure more reasonable.

The integrated clean room equipment package defines the new concept of clean room installation

First we need to know what equipment is included in the integrated cleanroom kit. General configuration is the air shower, clean doors and Windows, transfer Windows, steel return air mouth, efficient air outlet these five classic clean room products, in addition, according to the needs of enterprises can also add a clean table, clean wardrobe, hand dryer and other cleaning equipment.

The characteristic of the integrated equipment package is to carry on the reasonable layout and the clever collocation of each equipment to realize the effect of the integration of clean indoor installation.

Integration features:

1. Consistency: The styles of doors, Windows, equipment and tuyere are consistent

2, color: plate, doors and Windows, equipment color

3. Front-line: front-line installation of plate joints, tuyere and lamps

Air shower

Intelligence: visible wind speed, cleanliness, multi - program selection, electrical self - test failure

Stability: Germany Domar door closing device, special fan, special wear parts

High color: LCD touch screen interface, zero gap process of inner wall, large double layer

Transfer window

High gloss: double glazed, smooth inside and outside

Convenience: internal arc structure, no dead Angle

Airtight: point glue foaming process, with a button handle

Clean Windows and doors

Air tightness: Closed point rubber foaming process, automatic lifting floor strip

Firm: Germany Domar door - closing device, special wear - resistant parts

Durability: double layer 1.2mm steel plate, internal structure strengthened

Steel return vent

High color: modular design, built-in filter

Convenience: no need to open holes, card slot structure, integrated installation

Firm: steel plate punching, spraying, no noise, unchanged

Efficient air outlet

Stability: Patented structure, knife edge seal, no leakage

Convenience: Compact structure design, ceiling space is not limited

Utility: the filter is replaceable without replacing the box