Precautions for personnel withdrawing from industrial clean room

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Precautions for personnel withdrawing from industrial clean room

In order to prevent cross-contamination of the food factory industrial clean room due to re-entry and round-trip operation, personnel should be evacuated from the industrial clean room in the prescribed order during and after the operation.

1. Do not take off clean working clothes before changing clothes. Before entering the changing room, take off the shoes of the industrial clean room and put them in the prescribed place. Wash your hands before taking off your shoes, take off your hat after taking off your shoes, and put it in a prescribed place.

2. Do not touch the floor, table and other items when taking off clean work clothes. Generally, take off from bottom to top. After taking off the clean work clothes with a hanger on the specified place, if you need to enter the industrial clean room of the food factory, you still need to enter the food. The order of the factory's industrial clean room.

Precautions for personnel withdrawing from industrial clean room

3. When leaving a clean room, there is no need to go through an air shower.

Don't wear clean work clothes to go to the toilet (except for clean toilets, go to the toilet according to the issues you need to pay attention to when cleaning the room above). In the bio-industry clean room, especially in the bio-safety laboratory, after the operation, first take off the special underwear such as protective clothing, and then immediately wash your hands, shower, wash your face, etc. Before washing your hands, do not walk out of the laboratory or smoke, eat, go Toilets, personal watches and other items are not allowed to be worn before washing hands. Even if you use rubber gloves, wash your hands after surgery, because there are holes, cracks or scratches on the nails of the gloves, which may leave traces of contamination.