Main noise indicators in industrial clean room

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Main noise indicators in industrial clean room

The noise standards of industrial clean room are generally stricter than the standards for protecting health, the purpose is to ensure the normal operation of the operation, to meet the necessary conversation and a safe and comfortable working environment. Therefore, the main indicators for measuring the noise of a clean room are: 

1. Annoying effect 

Due to the noise, people feel uneasy and have annoying emotions. They are generally divided into 7 levels: extremely quiet, very quiet, quieter, and slightly noisy, relatively noisy and extremely noisy. Where the response level is very noisy and extremely noisy, it is high trouble, and the percentage of high troubles in the total number is the high trouble rate.

2. Impact on work efficiency

This mainly depends on the response level of three aspects. These three aspects are: concentration, accuracy of movement, and speed of work; 

3. Interference to integrated communications 


This is mainly divided into: clear or satisfactory, slightly difficult, difficult, impossible 

The above three indicators are evaluated with A sound level. In the 1950s, it was proposed to use a spectrum curve as the evaluation standard, that is, the sound pressure level of the center frequency of each frequency band must not exceed this curve. Later, I learned that it is more appropriate to brush the A level to measure the noise and noise of noise and noise. It can replace the octave sound pressure level as an indicator of the evaluation standard.

According to the measurement data conducted by the Institute of Building Physics of the Chinese Academy of Building Research in 1981 for the compilation of the "Code for the Design of Industrial Clean Workshops", only 65% (A) below, only 30% of the people were highly troubled. At 65-70dB(A), its impact on the three aspects of work efficiency showed a low level; under 60dB(A), it was clear and satisfactory. There are certain difficulties at 6075dB(A), and dogs at 75dB are very difficult. Therefore, it is considered that the noise level of the industrial clean room should be 65d). At this time, the high annoyance rate can be less than 30%; the general call is guaranteed; the effect on the work efficiency is very small. 

The above are the three indicators summarized by the editor, I hope it will be beneficial to you. We specialize in industrial clean room, air purification engineering, purification workshop, clean room, clean engineering, clean room and other project design, production, installation, commissioning and air-conditioning purification equipment products, has nearly 10 years of production history.