How to clean an industrial clean room?

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With a long period of use, the surface of the industrial clean room will become dirty and must be cleaned. Imagine not cleaning the surface of an industrial clean room, then when the product touches the contaminated surface, the pollution will spread to the product. If the personnel touches the surface of the industrial clean room and then the product, it will cause secondary pollution. An industrial clean room that looks quite clean on the surface, as measured by the requirements of an industrial clean room, may be very dirty. Because the particles are much smaller than 50 microns, they are invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, the industrial clean room must be cleaned regularly after passing the test.

So, how to clean an industrial clean room? Cheng Yi Xiaobian tells you the specific method here:

1. Replace the special anti-static (which is a static charge) suit, wear a hat and mask, and remove the dust through the air-bath suction channel to enter the industrial clean room. For the humidification problem of clean air-conditioning system in dust-free workshops, there are many common humidification methods, such as water humidification by spraying water, wet film, high-pressure spray ultrasonic wave, etc. These humidification methods belong to the enthalpy humidification process. The steam spray, dry steam and electrode (electric heating) humidification is to spray steam into the air conditioning air, and its humidification method is an isothermal humidification process.

2. After preparing the cleaning tools and supplies and placing them in the specified location, start the cleaning work.

3. Pick up ground garbage, one by one from inside to outside according to the order of production line.

How to clean an industrial clean room?

4. Dump and transport garbage in trash bins and bins on time, and conduct inspections. After strict classification according to regulations, they will be transported to the designated garbage room for classification after production line administrator or security inspection.

5. Use clean paper or dust-free cloth to clean indoor glass, wall, shelf, etc.

6. Use clean dust to push the dust from the inside to the ground and keep it clean. Rubbish, dirt and water on the ground should be cleaned with dust-free cloth in time.

7. Use the production line employees to clean the production line, the floor under the workbench, and the seat under the chair during breaks and meals. Advantages of industrial clean room: simple structure, low system construction cost, easy expansion of industrial clean room, in some special use places, dust-free workbench can be used together to improve the level of industrial clean room.

8. Regular cleaning of ceilings, air-conditioning vents, ceiling light enclosures, elevated floors, cleaning procedures (procedure) and materials used must apply for approval by the factory affairs department, and use holidays and work breaks to proceed as planned.

The cleaning of the industrial clean room is more important. If it is not cleaned on time, it will easily affect the use of the industrial clean room. Therefore, the industrial clean room must be cleaned regularly.