Clean room cleaning method

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Clean room cleaning method

The environmental pollution of the clean room is not obvious, and it is often said that it is not clean. "Whether before or after cleaning, the clean room is very clean, so do not clean." These two words reflect the general idea of cleaning and maintaining the clean room. The clean room is not only a part of the main activities such as industrial production and clean room tools, but also a part of the entire production system management center, because it must carry out a series of important processes. What does it take to insist on cleaning and maintaining the room on time?

Clean room cleaning method

Before mentioning the necessity of maintenance, I recognized four sources of environmental pollution in the clean room

1. Special tools and mechanical equipment in the clean room diffuse the objects outside the clean room throughout the operation process

2. Items in the clean room will also spread objects inside and outside the clean room.

3. Equipment in clean rooms, such as roads, walls, ceilings, etc., diffuse objects from the outside.

4. The staff in the clean room is the key source of environmental pollution. 80% of the environmental pollution in the clean room comes from the objects released by the staff.

Clean room cleaning method

That is to say, because there is a lot of environmental pollution in the clean room, why does the clean room "look beautiful"? Because the human eye can only see particles with a particle size of more than 50 μm, particles with a particle size of less than 50 μm must be seen with an optical microscope. For many high-precision manufacturing industries, such as integrated IC processing and manufacturing, all fine particles above 0.1 microns have an adverse effect on commodities. In this case, it is necessary to realize an environment based on clean rooms and environmental pollution control systems.

The clean room can achieve the destination of self-purification based on the exhaust system software, but as we all know, as long as some environmental pollution is removed based on the circulation system wind system software, there will still be a lot of air pollutants due to the effect of the effect and the effect of Brownian motion. The air pollutants accumulated on the surface layer cannot be moved on the spot. The air pollutants may directly "contact" the product according to the surface layer or indirectly through media such as gas or workers. Such "contact" will bring environmental pollution to the product and the product is not good.

Persist at this time, the maintenance of the clean room seems very necessary. The purpose of people carrying out cleaning and maintenance is to first rely on the removal of environmental pollution to achieve the expected cleanliness level during the construction of clean room design ideas, and finally in order to improve the advantages of commodities and protect people’s commodities from environmental pollution. Therefore, the clean room preparation can be defined as "from the surface of the clean room or clean area with different necessity (about the cleanliness level), discharge all undesirable air pollutants, collect and remove them".

Careful cleaning can be divided into two major levels, protective cleaning and active cleaning. Gold protective cleaning refers to preventing air pollutants that cause air pollution and environmental factors from entering or minimizing the natural environment of the clean room; preventing air pollutants from spreading in important ways. All preparatory measures taken for active cleaning are also protective cleaning. The active cleanup is to release air pollutants from important areas. Here, people attach importance to the methods and standards of active cleaning.

Clean room cleaning method

According to the specific tools used, active cleaning can be divided into wet and dry. The following drying refers to the use of wireless vacuum cleaners, special drying tools and adhesives for cleaning. In the dry type, only a small amount of fine particles are removed. The smaller the object is, the greater the force to attach to the surface layer. In addition, the longer the object is attached to the surface layer, the longer it cannot be removed. Fracture cleaning is a reasonable addition to dry type. The floating wireless vacuum cleaner cannot attract small objects attached to the surface. Because we don't get the wind needed to remove it. In this case, you can clean the paper without mop and garbage, clean the organic solvent, and eliminate environmental pollution. In addition, in order to prevent different types of environmental pollution, the cleaning operation must comply with the cleaning standards from top to bottom, from inside to outside, and select the parallel direction of the cleaning method.

All in all, it is of crucial practical significance to carry out cleaning and maintenance of the clean room on time to maintain the characteristics of the clean room. As a clean room worker, you must attach great importance to this seemingly simple task.