Industrial clean room electrostatic induction inspection and engineering acceptance

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Industrial clean room electrostatic induction inspection and engineering acceptance

1. Purpose of inspection

The problem of electrostatic induction is not only in the semiconductor industry, but also in other manufacturing industries. If there is electrostatic induction on this tiny chemical substance, it will become a very difficult problem because transmission becomes very difficult. In addition, in the industrial clean room, if the surface of the block contains static electricity induction, it will attract dust and easily cause environmental pollution. The purpose of electrostatic induction detection is to accurately measure the water content of positive ions and negative air ions in the gas. This data information can simulate the cyclone separator leaving the surface working voltage during operation.

Anti-static testing of industrial clean room

Second, the test code

1. In an industrial clean room, 32 inches (813mm) from the ground, accurately measure the water content of the positive ions and negative air ions in the gas at that part. The enterprise is the number of ionization per cubic decimeter. Accurate measurement level: 10, or decided by the owner of the community. Do residual voltage detection at the same location.

Industrial clean room electrostatic induction inspection and engineering acceptance

1. The industrial clean room ceiling, wall and column architectural decoration shall be tested according to the requirements of the electronic industry specification SJ/T10694 and the following new items after the implementation:

a. The cover control panel for hanging and wall and column decoration design must be made of static induction mismatched materials. The surface resistivity of the cover control panel is 1.0×105~1.0×1010Ω, the first-level specification is limited to 1.0×108Ω, The second-level standard is limited to 1.0×109Ω or less. Generally, bulk putty walls or cover control panels are made of non-static induction mismatched raw materials, and the surface must be coated with antistatic coatings, and the coating materials should conform to the electrostatic induction mismatched raw materials.

B. The overall surface structure and materials of the anti-static floor of the industrial clean room should meet the following basic regulations:

The bean paste and antistatic surface should be made of static induction transmission, and the volume resistance should be 1.01051.01012/ or 1.01041.01100111 cm. The volume resistivity of the first-order material on the static surface should be less than 1.0109/.cm, and the volume resistivity should be less than The quantitative analysis of the electrostatic induction attenuation coefficient of the raw material is carefully solved, and the half-decay period of the drug must be less than 0.5s.

The anti-static ground should have anti-static induction leakage countermeasures and a grounding device structure, and the road surface leakage resistance should be 1.01051.0109. The limit of resistance to static discharge to the ground shall not be less than 1.0107, and the limit of resistance to static discharge to the ground shall not be less than 1.0108.

2. In the anti-static industrial clean room project, the windows and doors and its interior decoration project completion acceptance shall not only comply with the relevant specifications and relevant national standards, but also meet the following requirements:

A. The characteristics of door and window sealing strips and the connection of grounding devices should be fully checked.

B. Window doors and decorative panels of various interior decoration shall be sampled to measure the surface resistivity. The total number of sampling inspections should not be less than three exquisite rooms, and all windows and doors and various interior decoration panels in each exquisite room should be fully inspected.

C. In addition to complying with the requirements of this regulation, the windows and doors of flammability, flammability and explosion, and clean natural environment and its engineering decoration should also meet the national industry standards and standards of special industries Claim.


3. In addition to meeting the requirements of the relevant specifications, the acceptance of the handover project of the electrical equipment construction project of the industrial clean room antistatic project shall meet the following requirements:

A. The video power sockets of electronic products and equipment should be fully inspected. The specific measured neutral point and the potential difference between the wire joints should not exceed 1V.

B. Drawings related to the completion of anti-static engineering electrical equipment construction.

4. The grounding protection of anti-static engineering in industrial clean rooms shall be subject to acceptance of key projects, and the following documents and materials shall be submitted when the project is handed over for acceptance.

A. The completion drawing of all grounding protection shall indicate the specific parts and interface methods of various grounding device nodes.

B. Specific engineering construction records of all grounding protections, and their key raw materials and spare parts warranty certificate, certificate of conformity or original factory test confirmation.

C. Protection record of the grounding device connection position The grounding credibility check record and the grounding device connection position resistance value detection record.

(4) Grounding resistance and visa acceptance for concealed engineering of industrial clean room grounding system.

According to the inspection method of the electronic industry standard sj/t10694, the ground flow resistance value of the anti-static safe operation console of the industrial clean room is 1.01051.0109.