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Several problems to be noticed in the construction and installation of industrial modular clean room


The clean and sterile conditions of the industrial modular clean room are indispensable to most modern manufacturing industries. Without clean production conditions, the product is contaminated and either fails or is harmful to the human body. People are now using various components manufactured in industrial modular clean rooms, which are being used in computers, automobiles, airplanes, space vehicles, televisions, CD players, and other various electronic devices and mechanical devices; industrial modular clean rooms are also used to produce Medicines, medical devices and fast food. The application of industrial modular clean room is more and more extensive. Cleanrooms of the same class have very different requirements due to different application areas. Clean air-conditioning system requires high technical requirements, high construction quality, and large investment. Once it fails, it will cause waste no matter in terms of financial resources, material resources, or manpower. High level of construction.



 industrial modular clean room technology can be divided into three parts: design, construction and operation. The construction requirements of industrial modular clean rooms are higher than those of other buildings, and the types of products produced in various industrial modular clean rooms are different, and the required air cleanliness levels are different. Therefore, there are certain differences in the construction contents of various industrial modular clean rooms. However, the basic construction contents such as industrial modular clean room architectural decoration, purification air-conditioning system, electrical lighting system, fire safety alarm system, etc. are basically the same, the difference is that due to the different needs of the product production process, the increase of corresponding measures, supply systems, etc. Let's talk about a few issues to be noted in the construction of clean air conditioning systems.



1. Must follow the corresponding specifications and requirements of clean air conditioners

 "Clean Workshop Design Code", "industrial modular clean room Construction and Acceptance Code", "Ventilation and Air Conditioning Construction Acceptance Code", "Hospital Clean Operation Department Architectural Technical Code", etc. are the main cleanliness standards, and the cleanroom materials are strictly specified in the code Requirements, construction and decoration requirements, and industrial modular clean room decoration surface quality requirements. Must fully understand the design intent, strictly implement the national spirit of the project quality management, and strictly organize the construction to ensure quality.


 Several problems to be noticed in the construction and installation of industrial modular clean room


2. Strictly check the materials

 At present, most domestic industrial modular clean rooms use a metal wall panel assembly structure, and its biggest advantages are:

 (1) The joints are tight, reducing the indoor dust environment, suitable for rooms with high cleanliness;

 (2) The shape of walls and rooms can be designed according to the needs of users. No matter whether it is octagonal or rounded, it is not limited by the size of the plate.

 Commonly used are stainless steel structure, carbon steel plate structure and electrolytic plate structure, aluminum plate and aluminum plastic plate structure. In recent years, with the rapid development of the material industry, the application of color steel plates is also increasing.

 The air duct of the clean air conditioning system is generally processed by galvanized steel plate. The galvanized steel plate should be of high quality, and the standard of galvanized layer should be> 314g / m2, and it should be evenly coated, without shelling and oxidation. The hanger, reinforcement frame, connecting bolt, air pipe flange, rivet should be galvanized, the flange gasket should be flexible, non-dusting, soft rubber or latex sponge with certain strength, and the external insulation of the air pipe It is possible to use non-flammable PE board with a bulk density of 32K or more, and paste it with special glue, and it is not allowed to use glass wool and other fiber products.

 The floor of the industrial modular clean room is also an important part to ensure the cleanliness of the room. Its material requirements are anti-skid, anti-static, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. Common industrial modular clean room floors are: cast-in-place copper bar terrazzo floor, plastic floor, and rubber floor (generally use self-leveling material to level the floor before laying).

 In the process of material procurement, the products of manufacturers with quality assurance in the same kind of products must be selected according to the plan and the variety. At the time of physical inspection, attention should also be paid to material specifications and material finish. Plates should also be inspected for flatness, corner squareness, and adhesion of galvanized layers. During the transportation and storage after purchase, the packaging should be kept intact, protected against moisture, impact and pollution.



3. Reasonable arrangement of construction sequence is the basis to ensure cleanliness

 The principles of reasonable construction procedures are:

"Eight successively",

"Six simultaneous".

 Namely: first clean and then install; first install the upper part and then install the middle; first partition and then the ceiling; first enter the equipment after the partition is closed; first clean the installation and then process installation; interior decoration first up and then down, inside and then outside; industrial modular clean room Ground treatment after completion; first adjustment and then detection. "Six simultaneous" are: equipment organization and engineering at the same time; auxiliary parts production and material organization at the same time; air conditioning pipeline installation and process pipeline installation at the same time; clean system engineering and delivery of air conditioning equipment at the same time; clean system engineering Simultaneous trial operation and adjustment and testing at the same time; civil engineering finishing work and clean installation are carried out at the same time. In the specific construction, it is necessary to ensure that the finished products and semi-finished products of the previous process are not damaged. The construction cross-operation between different professions must cooperate sincerely and highly command.

 The construction of the assembled clean system is completed after the installation of various main pipes is completed, and the indoor ground, columns, walls, and spaces are thoroughly cleaned once, and the clean and dust-free can be started. The process is divided into ceiling installation and wall panel installation.

 Ceiling installation: site preparation-measurement pay-off-ceiling opening-support and hanger keel installation, adjustment-ceiling installation, protective opening installation-air vent, lamp base plate installation-lamp installation-tear film, cleaning, glue-air blowing, Clean-installation of high efficiency filters.

 Wall panel installation: site preparation-measurement pay-off-wall panel keel installation-various professional embedded parts-door and window, air shower room installation-tear film, cleaning, glue application-air blowing cleaning-return air shutter, residual pressure valve installation.



4. The production, handling and installation of clean air ducts are guaranteed

 The key to cleanliness

 Many construction workers will pay attention to the special requirements for the installation of clean systems during construction, namely: clean installation parts; clean system installation (plastic film sealing); clean clothing for the site and installers; selection of materials that do not produce dust; joints should be tight To prevent air leakage. But there are still a few points to note:

 Joints: Horizontal joints are not allowed in the pipeline, and there should be as few vertical joints as possible. When the bottom edge is less than or equal to 800mm, there should be no vertical joints at the bottom edge;

 Bite: Joint bites or corner bites should be used as much as possible, and snap-type bites should not be used for clean air pipes above level 6;

 Sealing: All bite seams, flange flanges and rivets must be coated with sealant to prevent air leakage; various seals are strictly prohibited from being painted on the surface;

 Reinforcement ribs: not allowed to be placed in the tube;

 Flange: The four corners should be provided with screw holes, the hole distance is less than 100mm, screws, nuts, gaskets and rivets should be galvanized;

 Measuring hole: cleaning and various measuring holes should be set for the pipe diameter greater than 500mm; storage: cleaned with neutral cleaning solution after production, and sealed with plastic film after drying to be installed;

 Unsealing: Only the sealing film of the pipeline port is allowed to be opened during installation, and the port should be sealed again when the installation is paused;

 Cleaning: The oil and dust on the surface should be removed when installing the air duct parts, and the inner surface of the system should be wiped many times with materials that are not easy to lose fibers;

 Air leakage inspection: After the system is installed, air leakage inspection is performed before insulation. (Class 1 to 5 systems are implemented according to the high-pressure system air duct regulations, and class 6 to 9 systems are implemented according to the medium-pressure system air duct). Light leakage detection can be performed with low-pressure lighting lamps greater than 100W. If it is greater than 2, the average of no more than 16 points per 100 meters is qualified; the medium pressure system has no more than 1 light leakage point per 10 meters of joint, and the average is no more than 8 points per 100 meters.


Several problems to be noticed in the construction and installation of industrial modular clean room


5. Requirements for the installation of high-efficiency filters

 Installing high-efficiency filters is also the key to industrial modular clean room construction. The industrial modular clean room must be cleaned again after the system has been commissioned for 12 hours before unpacking the high-efficiency filter. After visual inspection, conduct on-site leak detection (focusing on the quality of the filter frame seal) and then adjust the resistance.



6. The pressure difference control of the industrial modular clean room is an important condition to ensure cleanliness

 China's "Clean Workshop Design Code" has the following provisions for the control of the pressure difference of the industrial modular clean room: the industrial modular clean room and the surrounding space must maintain a certain pressure difference, and decide to maintain a positive or negative pressure difference according to the production process requirements. The pressure difference between industrial modular clean rooms of different grades and between clean areas and non-clean areas should not be less than 5Pa, and the pressure difference between clean areas and outdoor should not be less than 10Pa. When considering the pressure difference control of industrial modular clean rooms, the determination of the pressure difference air flow at home and abroad is mostly estimated by the number of room ventilations, which requires designers and constructors to pay enough attention to the concept of the number of ventilations. . The number of air changes in a clean air-conditioning system is at least 10 times / h or even hundreds of times. In actual projects, the projected structures such as columns and beams often cause excessive resistance to the air supply and return air systems, so that the number of air changes cannot meet the design requirements. This situation is more obvious if a non-unidirectional flow double-wall return air supply airflow organization is adopted.



7. After the project acceptance, the maintenance work should also be done

 After the construction of the industrial modular clean room is completed, it is also very important for the operation and management of the industrial modular clean room. The room and equipment should be regularly inspected. The equipment is mainly monitored, and the indoor projects are in addition to the conventional indoor ceiling air supply ceiling (or efficient air supply opening) and walls In addition to the items that must be monitored, such as visual cleanliness of the face return air inlet, more important should also include the number of dust particles, the number of bacterial colonies, the amount of supply air, and the indoor positive (negative) pressure. Daily management must ensure that the industrial modular clean room operates correctly so that the manufactured products are not contaminated. This requires that from the admission of personnel and materials, to the choice of clothing, the regulations of the industrial modular clean room, and the cleaning of the industrial modular clean room, they must be properly implemented. Maintenance personnel should also be trained if necessary.