What is the standard of GMP purification workshop
GMP purification workshop is to eliminate the potential biological activity, dust, pollution source, fundamentally put an end to the impact of the production of high-quality substances. Therefore, GMP purification workshop should follow the relevant design requirements to ensure that the quality of the final product meets the regulatory requirements
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Matters needing attention when doing purification engineering in purification workshop
With the progress of science and technology, the development of all kinds of products on the purification mechanism of the purification degree of the requirements are increasingly developing. Regarding the quality of contemporary clean workshop, the field of clean equipment is also advancing with The Times to rest assured the requirements of process
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Pollution sources and identification of clean rooms in pharmaceutical enterprises
Pharmaceutical enterprises often need to carry out environmental microorganism monitoring in clean rooms to ensure the cleanliness of the production environment and will not cause drug pollution. The common pollution sources in clean rooms of pharmaceutical enterprises are as follows (according to the lecture PPT of the National Drug Microbiological Inspection and Control Technology Elite Training Class in 2018 by China Institute for Food and Drug Control)
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Did the cleanliness meet the requirements? Clean room must have four conditions
In order to obtain good clean effect, the clean room should not only focus on taking reasonable air conditioning purification measures, but also require the process, construction and other professional to take corresponding measures
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What are the requirements for entering a clean dust-free workshop
At the door, there is a piece of blue adhesive paper on the ground. Step on it and stick the things on the sole of the shoe. At this time, the shoes are not the shoes we usually wear, but the shoes we change immediately after entering the workshop. Working shoes are rarely taken out of the workshop.
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